What's an Aggregator & Its Function for Online Business

Simply put, aggregator is a term for business system that act as collectors.

In this case, the aggregator business model is actually quite familiar and is widely used in various industries, especially digital business.

To find out more clearly what an aggregator is and its function, let's see the following article until the end!

What is an Aggregator?

Aggregators are collectors who collect various parties, content, or system used to support businesses that are useful for their services.

So, aggregator companies are usually used by various businesses.

The aggregator business model is a fairly common model and has been widely used by various types of businesses.

This is because this service model will assist business drivers in managing their business.

Aggregator Functions for Business

For a business, some of the functions of the aggregator are as follows.

1. Simplify business management

First, until now, aggregators are widely used because they have been proven to help you manage your business.

Moreover, as a business owner, you are obliged to manage and take care of many things to ensure the continuity of the business. 

That is why, many online businesses use aggregator services with the aim that they can take care of other things that they cannot do.

2. Expanding market 

Furthermore, aggregator services are also known to help online businesses to expand the market.

This may happen because the aggregator can connect online business owners to several parties. 

From here, online businesses can certainly take advantage of this opportunity to expand market reach while promoting online businesses to attract more customers. 

3. Increase sales

The last reason why aggregator servics can support online business is because aggregator services can indirectly help you increase online business sales.

The reason is, aggregator can make your online business system more optimal and productive so that your business can process more transactions.

Types of Aggregator Business

The aggregator business model covers various fields so that it can be applied to various business models.

Here are some types of business aggregators that you can use to support your business!

1. Payment aggregator 

The first type of aggregator business is a payment aggregator.

Payment aggregator is a service that allows a business person to accept various forms of payment from customers.

This means that the aggregator service provider will lend your bank account for you to receive payments from customers. 

In this case, an example of an aggregator is if the customer chooses to pay using account A, but you only have bank account B, then you can use a payment aggregator service to make it easier for you to receive the payment. 

2. Market aggregator 

Market aggregator is a type of collector that provides a portal containing a collection of financial data or information that can be used by business people as a comparison of financial products, ranging from credit cards to insurance. 

Market aggregators have been widely used, so they are suitable to be applied to your business. 

3. Brand aggregator  

The next type of aggregator is brand aggregator.

Brand aggregators are companies that acquire certain brands that have the potential to grow, where in the future, the brand will be developed by their side. 

Brand aggregators will not help you directly in online business development. 

On the other hand, a brand aggregator will help raise your brand name, even if you don't have it anymore. 

4. Logistics aggregator 

Finally, there is a logistics aggregator, which is one type of collector in a logistics career and is tasked with connecting sellers, buyers, and companies.

Logistics aggregators make it easier for you as an online business to take care of orders because they can connect you to the expedition.

As a result, you don't have to bother anymore to deliver buyer orders to the expedition, because the aggregator will take care of it.

That's the explanation about the complete aggregator from its meaning to its types. 

Broadly speaking, an aggregator is an alternative if you want to manage your business efficiently. 

At this point, you certainly understand more about what an aggregator is, right?