Recognizing What is a Trusted Seller

Currently, there are more and more online buying and selling business activists. However, only a few have succeeded in gaining customer trust. In the business world, trusted seller is a term for a seller with a large number of customers and has a high percentage of customer satisfaction. 

Compared to the usual seller, the trusted seller status sounds more prestigious and has more power in the marketplace. 

So, how do you become a trusted seller? Let's find out more below!

What are Trusted Sellers?

In online trading activities, the term trusted seller means a seller who has good reviews from consumers.

Usually in the marketplace, this can be indicated from the rating of each store as a result of the average customer rating. 

In addition to good reviews, usually trusted sellers are stores that record high product sales. 

When compared to its competitors, trusted sellers tend to have high levels of service and engagement with good ratings from their customers. 

Getting a trusted seller status can provide a distinct advantage for the store. 

The reason is, the marketplace provides various kinds of attractive promos specifically for sellers with these labels.

How to become a trusted seller 

After knowing what a trusted seller is, you need to know how to get that label in the marketplace. 

As a trusted seller, the marketplace will prioritize your store in the top searches. 

In addition, loyal customers and prospective customers do not think much of deciding to transact at a store with trusted seller label.

The reason is, good reviews and services naturally foster a sense of consumer confidence in related sellers.

For beginners in the online buying and selling business, please note that a trusted seller is a label for sellers with customer reviews and good service.

Therefore, serious business handling is needed to get the label.

There are tips for achieving success that are trusted by customers in the marketplace. There are several ways to become a trusted seller, namely:

1. Provide product and business information clearly 

As a seller, you are required to display product and business information clearly. This is intended so that customers get clarity about the goods they are looking for. 

On the other hand, information about your own business can convince customers of the legitimacy of the store. 

In addition to business and product information, sellers also need to provide explanations on the procedures for conducting transactions related to purchases.

For that, you can write down the payment method, shipping, and business number in the business or store information section. 

2. Ensuring the quality of products sold

One way to become a trusted seller is to pay attention to product quality. As a seller, product quality must meet customer expectations. 

At least the goods from the store must be able to competitor products in the same category. 

If the quality of the product is as expected, the seller is expected to maintain it. 

This is intended so that customers are loyal to the store and buy other products at a later time. 

3. Facilitate transactions for customers

Being a trusted seller is not an easy thing to realize. As a seller, you must provide information about your business and products clearly.

In addition, the seller is also required to provide an explanation of how easy transactions are to the customer. 

So that customers can make transactions easily, the seller can provide several options. 

As a trusted seller, you can provide payment options via bank transfer, debit or credit card, e-wallet, and so on. 

4. Promote on social media

An effective way to become a trusted seller is to do sales promotions through social media. 

This method can increase brand engagement which will invite many new customers.

The more customers you have, the more reviews your store will receive. 

Of course, massive promotions must be balanced with good product quality.

This is intended so that customers leave good reviews in the comments column. 

To do this, you can use Instagram, WhatsApp, or TikTok.

Make sure to do promotions regularly. For this reason, sellers need to upload product photos or interesting content related to their own store brands on any social media. 

Also display customer reviews to build a trusted seller image in the eyes of potential customers.

5. Showcase the best review from customers

After getting a lot of customers, what needs to be done to became a trusted seller is to display the best reviews.

In this way, the seller can attract attention and convince potential customers to buy the related product. 

To maintain good reviews on the marketplace, make sure to always provide the best service and product quality to customers.

That way, customers will trust the seller even more and provide the best reviews after the transaction is complete.

6. Providing reliable service 

In online trading activities, speed and accuracy of replying to customer messages are very necessary.

Usually customers ask certain things about the product. 

In this case, trusted sellers must play a role in providing the right information effectively. 

If the message is not answered, the seller may miss the opportunity to get new customers. 

On the other hand, customer trust will decrease so that it can potentially give bad reviews from the seller's own responsiveness point of view.

Well, that's a brief discussion about what a trusted seller is and tips for success.