Best Seller & Strategy to Become the Best Selling Product

Best seller is a term that is often used in the retail business and we see on book covers or at outlets selling products such as clothing.

Not infrequently, people buy an item with a "best seller" label. 

Best seller means best seller. This phrase is also often used to attract buyers. 

Well, this time we will explain what a best seller is and how the product strategy becomes a best seller. Come on, watch to the end!

What are Best Sellers? 

You may have heard or read the phrase "best seller".

Derived from English, best seller is a term used to describe the product with the best selling results.

According to Prakoso (2009), best sellers are products that many people buy and look for. 

So, to embed the best seller label on an item, the sales level must be high.

The best seller was first introduced to the public in 1889 through The Kansas Times & Star newspaper published in Kansas City, Missouri.

At that time, best seller was indeed used to refer to the phenomenon of massive book printing. 

However, now best seller means not only used to refer to books, but also other products.

Examples of Best Seller Products 

If previously you were probably more familiar with books, now you know that the term best seller can also be used to refer to other products that are selling well?

The examples of best-selling products are as follows.

1. Food and Drink 

Food and beverages are examples of best-selling products because they are included in basic human needs. 

Both offline and online, these two items are the best-selling items.

However, for the online market, the best-selling products are food and soft drinks.

For example, currently there is a boba trend to complement drinks, telang flower tea, or packaged meatballs.

2. Clothes 

Clothing is not only human need, but has also become a symbol of identify and lifestyle. 

Everyone is competing to express themselves through the clothes they wear. 

Thus, various types of superiors and subordinates are sought after. 

This makes clothes one of the most frequently purchased products. 

Currently, the best selling online clothing business products are tunics, culottes, flannel shirts, oversized shirts, and chino pants.

3. Computer and Mobile Accessories 

The option to work remotely and do activities from home since the Covid-19 pandemic has made these two types of goods in demand. 

Because, to work or do online activities optimally, you need some computer or cellphone accessories. 

4. Skincare and Makeup 

Want to look attractive is everyone's dream. 

One of them by having a smooth and beautiful facial appearance.

Even though skincare and makeup are synonymous with women, now men are also interested in wearing them. 

So, one of the best selling products is skincare and makeup.

These two things are in high demand both in the online and offline markets.

The most sought-after skincare today are sheet masks and best-selling makeup such as mascara or eyebrow pencil to decorate the eyes because many activities outside the home wear masks. 

5. Medicines and Vitamins 

When humans experience pain, they will definitely look for medicines.

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone is vulnerable to getting sick. 

In addition, to maintain health, some of us like to drink or eat vitamins.

This is necessary so that the body remains stamina and strong. 

The types of drugs that are sought after are ulcer drugs and paracetamol.

People also seek out dietary supplements and vitamin C a lot. 

Importance of Best Seller for Sales

Best seller products are very important in sales because they can attract consumers to buy.

Generally, people believe when the product is selling well, especially if there are many good reviews about a product. 

In addition, the importance of knowing the best selling products is to increase business.

Because, through understanding the trending items in the market, you can use them as your selling inspiration with broad targets and big profits.

Product Strategy to Become a Best Seller 

So, how do you make the products you sell become best sellers?

Tips and tricks to make the product a best seller are as follows. 

1. Understand product trends in the market 

Previously, you have been exemplified with various items that are selling well in the market. 

However, there are times when you have to keep researching and understanding product trends, you know!

Because, trends can change according to public demand. 

For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, masks and hand sanitizers were the two best-selling products. 

In addition, folding bikes also became a trend in 2020. 

This shows that any product can become a trend at any time. 

2. Maximize product promotion 

You can take full advantage of social media and marketplaces when promoting your merchandise. 

Marketing can be done through created content or you can sell live on TikTok or Shopee to increase sales of your products. 

In addition, promotions using the services of influencers can also increase your sales. 

Choose an influencer whose persona matches your business branding, yes!

3. Show customer testimonials

When buying goods, of course we see reviews of a product, right?

Well, uploading testimonials that have been given by customers will help your merchandise sell well in the market. 

Well, you already understand what a best seller is, examples, to the product strategy to become a best seller. 

Hopefully, this article helps you to run your business to be more successful, yes!

Now, do not be afraid to do business. With today's ease of access, many solutions to business problems are readily available online.