Various Foods to Eat If You Are Sleep Deprived

Lack of sleep is an unfavorable condition for the body, because the brain lacks time to rest. As a result, we tend to feel tired when we lack sleep. In addition to decreased activity performance during the day, sleepiness usually also causes excessive hunger due to an increase in the hormone ghrelin. However, fulfilling the desire to eat a lot when sleepy will not make our brain "fresh" again, sometimes it can even make sleepiness worse. 

Eat when you are sleep deprived 

Food can increase or decrease energy, depending on the amount and frequency of consumption. Often when we are sleepy, we eat more food but cannot meet our energy needs. Here are some examples of foods that are needed to optimally meet energy needs when you are sleep deprived:

1. Fish with high oil content 

In general, various types of marine fish have a high oil content, such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. Unsaturated fats and protein sourced from various types of fish will make you feel full longer and more energetic, so it can minimize hunger better and prevent you from snacking. Unsaturated fats also help the efficiency of the brain work so that you can still concentrate and maintain a stable mood even though you are feeling tired. 

2. Nuts

The content of unsaturated fats in nuts is good for keeping excess hunger at bay and can keep stress hormones from increasing. The choice of consumption of high-fat nuts such as cashews is better, compared to consuming foods that contain sugar and sweeteners that can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels.

3. Whole grain foods

Whole grains or whole-grains such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread help to keep us from eating more food when we feel tired. This type of food not only contains a lot of fiber, but also complex carbohydrates that can produce more energy, can last longer in the body, and can prevent excessive glucose levels from increasing in the body. 

4. Eggs

One of the effects of sleepiness is stress on muscle cells, but this can be reduced by the intake of fatty acids such as EPA and DHA which are found in egg whites. These fatty acid compounds can also maintain healthy blood vessels by preventing an increase in blood pressure. 

5. Mango fruit

One of the effects of sleepiness is the desire to eat sweet foods. Consumption of mango fruit can overcome this condition because mangoes contain lots of natural sugars which are better for regulating the body's energy levels than added sugar in food. 

6. Blueberries

One of the content of blueberries is an antioxidant compound that can strengthen the body's immune system. By consuming blueberries we can minimize the occurrence of infectious diseases due to decreased immunity when the body lacks time to rest. Blueberries are also efficacious for balancing blood sugar levels so that we do not become hungry easily. 

When sleep deprivation, limit caffeine consumption 

If you are still feeling sleepy, chances are you will drink coffee. However, did you know that caffeine is too high will cause you insomnia? As a result, you'll have less sleep at night and you're more likely to experience sleepiness the next day. One alternative to replace coffee is the consumption of green tea because it contains caffeine that is released gradually. Green tea also has a relaxing effect, reducing stress hormone levels and helping you concentrate better. 

This also applies to caffeine that comes from energy drinks. In addition to high caffeine, energy drinks also have a high sugar content. This instant freshness effect won't last long if you're really exhausted. Therefore, taking short breaks is more effective than consuming energy drinks. 

Include food consumption with adequate drinking water

Dehydration can make fatigue worse when you're sleepy. By meeting the adequancy of drinking water this can help the body maintain energy reserves and improve your ability to concentrate. Water is also needed to be able to actively move even though you are tired.