5 Ways to Keep Your Face Fresh Even If You Don't Get Sleep

Lack of sleep due to doing tasks or other sleep disorders you often feel. This of course can spoil the appearance the next day, right? So, what needs to be done to keep your face fresh even though you don't get enough sleep? 

Tips for keeping your face fresh even if you don't get enough sleep

In fact, the single most powerful way to look fresh when you're sleep deprived is getting enough sleep. 

Unfortunately, this method may not work for many people because they have to go about their daily activities after staying up late. 

For that, here are a number of ways you can do to keep you face fresh even though you don't get enough sleep. 

1. Compressing swollen eyes 

One of the most visible characteristics of a person when he is sleep deprived is having black eye bags and accompanied by swelling. 

This of course can interfere with your appearance. Meanwhile, sometimes makeup is not so helpful considering your eyes feel so heavy. 

Before going out of the house, you can get a fresh face even if you don't get enough sleep by compressing swollen eyes. 

Try compressing the area with a cold compress to reduce inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow. 

You can use anything cold, including an ice pack, bag of frozen vegetables, or chilled cucumber slices. 

2. Drink lots of water 

In addition to using cold compresses, drinking lots of water is actually important so that your face stays fresh even if you don't get enough sleep. 

Some experts report that sleep-deprived adults are more prone to dehydration than those who get enough sleep. 

Meanwhile, dehydration can affect overall skin health. Because the outermost layer of skin that does not contain enough water can lose elasticity and feel rough. 

That's way, drinking lots of water, especially when you don't get enough sleep, is important to keep your skin healthy. 

3. Take a cold shower

For those who like warm water while bathing, it may be time to replace it with cold water every now and then, especially when you are sleep deprived. 

How not, cold water can shrink blood vessels, so it might help reduce red patches and swelling on the face due to lack of sleep. 

Not only that, cold water can reduce blood flow which can brighten the skin in a healthy way and does not dry out the sebum layer. 

As a result, showering with cold water may be able to create a face that remains fresh and glowing even though you don't get enough sleep, so you are more confident. 

4. Exercise before activity 

Another effective way to keep your face fresh even if you don't get enough sleep is to exercise in the morning, before starting your daily activities. 

You see, poor sleep quality can certainly mess with your mood and show an unsightly face. 

Fortunately, you can exercise as an alternative to managing these moods. During exercise, the brain produces more endorphins that can distract from anxious thoughts. 

What's more, exercising in the morning is a good way to start the day on a positive note. Instead, of feeling weak, this method makes the face look fresh and the body is more vibrant. 

5. Make use of make-up 

Lastly, before leaving for college or going to work, make sure your face stays fresh by using makeup to cover up your sleep deprived face. 

Here are some steps to using cosmetics as an alternative to disguise a dull face due to lack of sleep.


The first step in trying to hide a sleep-deprived face is to use concealer. 

Concealer is at least quite useful in disguise dark circles under the eyes and red lines that appear on the eyelids. 


In addition to concealer, you can use foundation to keep your face looking fresh even if you don't get enough sleep. 

Instead of dabbing all over your face, try applying foundation to an uneven face tone. 


When you are tired, the edges of your eyes may appear redder than usual. You can cover this by using a white, cream, or skin tone eyeliner. 

If you can't get your pencil on the inner edge, use a white or cream liner between your lower lashes. 


If you want your face to look fresh even if you don't get enough sleep, you can't miss eyeshadow. 

Try to choose a neutral colored eyeshadow. Then, lightly dab your finger on the eyeshadow and press your finger into the inner corner of your eye. That way, the dark areas right in the corners will be disguised and make the eyes stand out more. 


Nothing makes facial skin look healthy without blushing pink cheeks. 

You can combine cream-colored blush on the cheeks to turn pale skin from lack of sleep into a fresher look. 

Despite the many ways to disguise a face that looks tired due to lack of sleep, you still need to set the time to get enough sleep. 

That way, the body will stay healthier and good quality sleep will certainly affect the overall health of the skin.