5 Healthy Benefits of Sleeping Wearing Socks

Sleep is time for the body to rest so that the next morning you can return to activities. Sleep is related to overall body functions, from skin health to brain health. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to keep their sleep comfortable, for example by using socks. However, are there any benefits of sleeping with socks on for the body? Come on, find out the answer in the following review. 

Benefits of sleeping with socks on

Socks are usually used as a base when wearing shoes or when in the house. Well, socks are also often used by people during sleep as a way to warm the body.

In simple terms, wearing socks does make your feet warm. However, are there any other benefits? Here are five benefits of sleeping with socks on. 

1. Help regulate core body temperature 

A room that is too cold can make you sleepless. You become more mobile, either to adjust the blanket back or to go back and forth to urinate. 

In addition, cold air causes constriction of blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes narrower. 

The easiest and safest way to keep your feet warm while sleeping is to wear socks. Your body will feel warmer. 

The resulting warm feeling can trigger a vasodilation response, ie blood vessels that were narrowed will widen. 

2. Helps sleep faster 

Your body temperature will continue to rise gradually from the morning and will peak in the afternoon as you become more awake and alert. Then, the body temperature will begin to decline towards night. 

This temperature affects the body's biological clock that controls sleep time, making a person feel sleepy and fall asleep faster. So, when a person begins to fall asleep, the body temperature will drop by one to two degrees Celcius. 

A Nation Sleep Foundation organization revealed that warming your feet before bed helps tell your brain that it's time to sleep. 

So, people who have trouble sleeping can use socks during sleep to help the body regulate temperature so that they fall asleep faster. 

3. Prevent hot flashes

Hot flashes or flushed face is common in women who go through menopause. This occurs due to hormonal fluctuations (rising and failing hormone levels) that affect body temperature. 

Symptoms include a sensation of warmth spreading throughout the body, sweating, increased heart rate, and a flushed face. Wearing socks during sleep can stabilize core body temperature, including preventing hot flashes from occurring.

4. Sex gets better 

In sexual intercourse, not all couples feel an orgasm. Orgasm is the peak point during sexual intercourse that causes a sensation of pleasure. 

A study published in the BBC in 2005 found that couples who wore socks in bed were more likely to orgasm during sex. 

5. Reduces Raynaud's attack symptoms

Raynaud's is a condition that affects the blood vessels in the skin when cold or stressed. 

During an attack, the blood flow to the hands or feet is reduced, causing numbness and the skin turning blue or white in color. 

Since the trigger for an attack is cold air, wearing socks during sleep helps reduce symptoms. 

Choose socks made from soft natural fibers such as merino wool or cashmere are best for keeping warm. 

Make sure the size is not too narrow which will hinder circulation to the feet. Clean your feet first and apply moisturizer while gently massaging your feet before putting on socks.

However, if your feet feel very hot, don't force them to continue wearing socks. You can take it off and cover your feet with a blanket.