5 Easy Ways to Overcome Can't Video Call on Line

For some people, making video calls on LINE actually means more than just voice calls. But what if suddenly the LINE application cannot be used for video calls?

Well, for those of you who are experiencing this problem, we have prepared several ways to overcome not being able to video call on Line. But before that, let's find out first what causes it.

Cause Video Calls on LINE Can't

There are several reasons why the LINE application cannot be used to make video calls. Among others are: 

  1. LINE app not getting permission to access camera
  2. The internet network you are using is unstable 
  3. LINE app cache is too much 
  4. App version is old or outdated
  5. There is a problem with the camera

How to Overcome LINE Can't Video Call

Method 1: Make Sure Grant Camera Access Permission 

The solution for the LINE application that cannot be used for video calls is to make sure that the camera access permission has been activated.

Without permission to access the camera, the LINE application cannot access the smartphone camera and cannot be used for video call.

For that, you have to check the permissions and make sure. Here's how:

First: Go to Settings

Second: Select Apps or Applications menu

Third: Tap on the menu Permissions

Fourth: Select the Camera option

Fifth: Find and select the LINE app

Sixth: Make sure the camera permissions in the Allow position

If you don't find the Permissions setting in the application menu, try opening the Security menu. Because it is located differently on several smartphone.

In addition to access to the camera, also grant access to the microphone.

Method 2: Use Stable Network

Video calls require a faster and more stable internet network than making voice calls or just sending texts. 

Problems with the LINE application that cannot be used to make video calls can also be caused by an inadequate network. 

Therefore, you must really use a stable and fast internet network when making video calls. 

The tip is to use a 4G network with a strong signal, or you can also use a WiFi network if available. 

Method 3: Clear LINE Cache

If previously the LINE application could be used for video calls smoothly but suddenly an error occurred, try clearing the cache of the application.

It could be that this problem is caused by cache that has been building up for a long time.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Open the Apps settings menu

Step 3: Find and select the LINE app

Step 4: Select Clear Data option 

Step 5: Press Clear Cache

After doing the steps above, now try to make a video call again in your Line application.

Or to be more effective, you should reboot or reload your cellphone first. 

Method 4: Update LINE (If Any)

Update the LINE application to be the right solution to overcome LINE cannot be used for video calls. Because if the version of the LINE application on your cellphone is too old, usually various problems will arise. 

So it is very important to always check and update if available. 

How to do it is also easy, open the Google Play Store for Android users or open the App Store for iPhone or iPad users.

Next, just search for the LINE application via the search bar, then press the Update button if available. Wait until the update process is complete.  

Method 5: Check Front Camera Damage

Have you done all the methods above? But still not working either? Could it be your camera is the problem?

We recommend that you try to check first whether your front camera is in normal condition or not. How to check it can be by opening the camera application or making video calls in other applications.

In addition to being physically damaged (hardware), the camera can also experience damaged to the system (software).

If it is true that the camera is damaged, then the solution is to repair the camera to a service center. 

Hopefully there is one of the ways above that work to solve the problem of not being able to make video calls on LINE.