How to use JNCK Media without Errors, Check IG Stalker is Easy

Suddenly an error when using JNCK Media and here's the latest easy way to solve it! For teenagers in today's era of advanced technology,

Actually being able to find out who people are curious about our daily activities on Instagram is impossible for some people.

But thanks to a tool called JNCK Media, we can easily see the usernames that often view our Instagram profile page. How could that be? You need to read more in this article.

The use of social media has become a lifestyle. Various activities or activities carried out are often used as updates on their respective social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are examples of the most popular social media that are often accessed today. To find out personal information, many people search through these social media accounts. JNCK Media is one of the most frequently used by stalkers to get info via Instagram. Well this review will discuss interesting topics about the web, namely the JNCK Media erorr, its causes and how to overcome it. Curious! Check this out!!

So, with just a username, we can detect 10 people or friends on IG who often view our account pages such as viewing stories, live broadcasts, comments and activities on our profiles in one click.

Get to know JNCK Media

For Twitter and Instagram fans, you must be familiar with the JNCK Media site. This is a site that provides many interesting tools for Twitter and Instagram. One of the most interesting tools from JNCK Media is a tool to check stalkers, which are any accounts that have seen a user's Instagram account. So we can know who we are - think who often stalks Instagram accounts. In addition, there are many other interesting and unique tools, so it is not surprising that many people access the JNCK Media website.

Instagram Stalker 

The main and including the most popular features of the JNCK Media web panel is being able to identify anyone who has seen our IG profile secretly or secretly.

Like Panel

This is a useful feature to increase the number of likes on status or posts from our IG page. 

We can get a large number of likes on IG posts, even reaching thousands.

Stories Downloader

If any of you are interested in stories that pass on the homepage and want to download them, then with the Stories Downloader feature you can directly download stories from other people. 

Downloader Highlights

The results of the download earlier, you can see for a moment and you can determine whether you want to save it in the phone gallery or just throw it away.

IGTV Downloader

Have you seen a short video but to continue it you have to go to the IGTV link? Now we can download video footage from IGTV very easily via JNCK.

Live Downloader

Not only stories, you can also download former live videos from a friend on Instagram via this JNCK panel website.

However, because live broadcasts on IG are usually hours, it certainly requires a large internet quota.

How to use JNCK Media to see our Instagram Account Stalker 

  1. Open the application or website from JNCK Media.
  2. Fill in the username of the Instagram account that the stalker wants to see.
  3. Click the submit button.
  4. Enter verification as requested.
  5. Done you can check our Instagram account stalker.

In addition, the JNCK Media apk application can also add followers to Instagram accounts as well. However, there are a few things you need to know before doing this, namely, You can add followers only with an Instagram username with a time limit, namely you can do it again in 5 hours. This application is also trusted by some Instagram users.

How to add followers on Instagram using JNCK Media 

JNCK Media is an application that can be used to see stalkers on IG and also add followers to our Instagram account or it can also be called an auto followers application. Besides that JNCK Media also provides features such as downloading stories on instagram, viewing or checking stalkers on instagram and so on. 

  1. Open the JNCK Media application or if you don't have it, you can download it through apps.
  2. If you have download it, open the application.
  3. On the first page there will be 3 columns, the first column is filled with the Instagram username to which the followers will be added.
  4. The second column, can choose the number of followers we want.
  5. The last or third column, is filled with IP combined with port, you can take it from the website sock list.
  6. Click get followers for the last step. 

If successful, the JNCK Media application will add followers to the Instagram account that was filled in earlier. 

There is one application to increase Instagram follower by JNCK Media where this application is an apk which is now no longer updated, the last update was in 2016 with some bug fixes in the application.

Although it is an old application, this application has only recently become popular because of its ability to quickly add IG followers without coins and without having to login to our Instagram account.

Pretty interesting isn't it? We only need to enter the IG username, for example Andro-POP, then select the random option to get random followers and he will automatically bring us a large number of followers.

Causes of JNCK Media Error

Lately, many JNCK Media users have complained because the website has an error. Whether it's the website that can't be accessed, or the tools that can't be used. There are several reasons why a website cannot be opened or an error. The cause is,
  1. Has been blocked
  2. Cache data and cookies are piling up too much
  3. Is doing maintenance or the server is full

The three causes above often make a web error. The same thing can happen on the JNCK Media website.

How to overcome JNCK Media Error

When experiencing this error, the user cannot access and use the tools available on the JNCK Media web. But don't worry, there are several ways to solve problem. Here are ways-ways that can be done,

  1. The first way, using a VPN. If the cause of the web error or cannot be accessed is because it is blocked by the government. Then you can use a VPN. With the VPN, change the server region of another country. After that, the blocked web will be accessible again. 
  2. The second way, delete search history. If the cause of the error is cached data and cookies that accumulate. Then the solution is to delete cache data and cookies in the search history.
  3. The third way, wait until the maintenance process is complete. If the cause of the error is under maintenance or the server is full. So the solution is to wait, when the server is loose and wait until the maintenance process is complete.

That's a review about using JNCK Media without erorrs, if it happens then the above are the causes and how to overcome them. In addition to using the method above, you can try this first method first. Namely opening the JNCK media web via incognito windows. The trick is, if using chrome press Ctrl + Shift + N to open the incognito window. The open the JNCK Media web via that window