Sony α7R IV

The A7R4 isn't for everyone, but it's great if your niche meets the needs for high resolution and mirrorless performance. Combined with the Sony 90mm Macro, I can achieve hand-held tuck sharp focus in the eyes of insects. I can shoot small jump spiders, assassin bugs, flowers, moss, and all kinds of incredibly small subjects. APSC mode (or trimming in Lightroom) is not only this highest resolution full frame, but also an amazing crop sensor camera. victory!

Combined with the Sony 24-70 F2.8 GM, I can take all of my daily non-macro photos. Street photos, baby photos, family photos, etc. If dual memory card slots are important, this is the feature you need and like.

Most mirrorless cameras (ie Nikon) are dan jokes! Very sad! Seriously, if you don't have a dual card in your camera, it's just a toy, not a tool. Professionals don't have to risk losing their photos. 

File size are huge and space management can be difficult, but fast computers can help you process and manage your files. Google Drive doesn't support Sony RAW files, so I also save the jpg version for quick viewing. More space is gone. More upload time is required.

The app is really great for new apps. The connection always works, but only if you do it in a particular order. They need to fix it. I can control and shoot my exposed triangle from the app and see a low resolution sample. Ideal for remote shutters.

I don't touch to focus. I love remote focus with a focus magnifier. Will die for the same in focus stacking mode from the app. But I may be a dreamer, but I probably won't see this.

Well, the back screen. Seriously Sony? Still poor resolution, but the biggest sin is that the screen still doesn't flip like a canon camera! Holy smoke catches the clue Sony! Vlogger is a huge deal, ignore them