Nikon Z50

I was looking for a camera everywhere small instead of my big full frame DSLR. My field includes the Nikon Z50, Panasonic GX9, Fujifilm X-T30, and Olympus E-M5 (comparable in size, resolution, and functionality). I highly recommended the Z50 to any first-time mirrorless user. Its advantages are: 

  • Lens sharpness and image quality is best or better in the 20 megapixel range
  • Great handling and beautiful viewfinder
  • Lenses cover a large range with compact size and weight (definitely buy a kit with both lenses)
  • Absolutely great value for money

I really really wanted the Z50 to work for me, but as an enthusiast I couldn't get over the lens choice completely. The two lenses in the kit are the only ones that are practical to use for at least a few years. There are no other Z DX lenses, and the lenses on the roadmap just fit within the same range (wide-angle zoom and prime numbers are not planned). Other Z lenses need to increase adapter, cost and bulk, as Z50 cannot benefit from stabilization of other Z lenses.

Once the Nikon Z DX offering has matured, perhaps with the Z70, which includes stabilization, I will consider it again a few years later.